Caricatures drawn in a short time have been featured in many media such as Fuji TV Aiming TV and radio, saying "Everyone can smile with a warm heart." Popular "Honey Paint Original Works", which is popular when you can feel gentle, is on permanent display in Japan and overseas, such as Bungotakada City Library in Oita Prefecture, Hotel & RESORT Minami-Awaji, Mercedes-Benz Kobe West, on a luxurious cruise ship overseas. This summer, it will be exhibited at the Soo City Library in Kagoshima Prefecture. It is displayed as hospital art in hospital wards such as the Hyogo Cancer Center. He has won numerous awards such as the Painting Performance Audience Award. Authorized artist for the Japan Regional Revitalization Project. Ambassador of Kami Town, Hyogo Prefecture. Asian hot spring tourism ambassador. My great-grandfather was born in Kyushu and was the first lawyer in Japan. My grandmother is a Japanese painter. Ashiya student. Lives in Kobe.


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